Mikasa attack!
My first figma…. These things are kinda cool…. The details! I’m so afraid to break off something on accident.

Katie, one of my OCs. An innocent sheltered girl who has a knack for spell craft.

My friend Landylachs has told me today is Suikoden Day.

I only managed to play Suikoden I in the past… and for some reason, Lorelei was my favorite character. Though I don’t remember her doing a whole lot in the plot. Or if she was even all that strong. I just remember repeatedly going to the tavern/inn she was located in and trying to recruit her, not knowing the secret was that I had to reach a certain level in order to get her to join….

In general, I like badass chics. :)

Japanese schoolgirl parkour! Ha! Girls can rock it too. :-)


and they tell me shoujo anime is unrealistic

Ryan, the male lead of White Angel. He needed a slight redesign to make him younger. He looked pretty young in my character sketches from before, but in a school uniform, a friend pointed out to me that it was hard to tell he was a high school student instead of an adult office worker. >.<

This is a car dealer’s waiting room? I feel like I’m in a fancy hotel’s lobby.

Because… Why not?
This car shop knows how to entertain during the service wait.

A London Fog cake… Tea infused cream, chiffon, light lavender center, and a candied mint leaf on top. Cake euphoria. :3

Whiskey bar. I’ve never liked whiskey. I still don’t like whiskey. But you still gotta admire their huge collection.

Most epic sushi ever! Dinner at Shiro’s, one of Jiro’s former students.

Why hellloooo puppy!

Kirkland wine festival was last weekend. They had a lot of boats tied up to the docs for viewing (and some for exploring). This one caught my eye because… Well, look at it! Lol!

Most of the boats there were the luxury yacht kinds.