One day I’ll actually bake a treat for the office. But aura bakery makes a nice go-to place for some awesome… Everything!

Is it a good or bad thing when the store workers know you and when you usually come in?

Night market in Seattle’s ID. Totally stumbled in to this on accident. I wish I was hungry to eat all the foods! But ever since this green smoothie diet I’ve started, my desires for food are more contained.

One of my favorite manga series (because it reminds me of all the stupid things I used to do when I was a kid). I finally collected all the volumes released to date!

My mom made me a giant thing of lemon liquor and now I’ve made a delicious bottle of sweet limoncello at home! Thanks mom!

Homemade limoncello. Drool*

Skies above Chicago.

Seattle from the sky at night.

Nice day for a walk in the park.

The sounds this instrument made were so eerie!

Final watercolor in my sketchbook that I’m going to do for awhile. Now that I’m home again, I’m gonna focus on comic pages again.

Sophiel and Zacchiel. I colored it!

This time, it’s a view of my hotel from the 6th floor. It’s got a prettiness to it if you’re in to that kind of fantasy. Maybe at one point in my life I was, but I’m older now. And I can’t help but think of the unnecessary maintenance and cleaning all this needs. Lol!